Prevention Education

School prevention and community education

Prevention education programs are available for preschool and early elementary children, utilizing body safety strategies.  The center staff also welcomes opportunities to educate community members on child abuse issues. If you are interested in one of our prevention programs, please contact Tazewell County CAC at (309) 347-6001, and our prevention educator will set up a time to meet with your group.


Preschool, Primary And Intermediate Age Children’s Body Safety Program

This school-based prevention education program is designed to educate children on the three R’s:  Recognize, resist and report.  The program focuses on four primary areas:  Body safety, personal boundaries, appropriate touches and awareness.  it includes discussion of inappropriate touching and other elements of personal safety.  Through interactive reading and play, children learn core personal safety concepts.  During 2009 the Center’s prevention educator reached over 3,500 children in Tazewell, Woodford and Mason Counties.


Mandated Reporter Training

Center staff provide mandated reporter training to area schools and child care personnel.  In 2009 over 300 school and childcare personnel received this training.

This new approach to child sexual abuse prevention targets parents and adults who work with children in settings such as PTA, parent groups, churches and scouting organizations.  Darkness 2 Light has developed “7 Steps to Protecting Our Children”, which teaches simple, proactive ways to help protect children from sexual abuse.  Center staff are trained in this innovative program and have presented to over 300 adults since 2009.  To learn more about this program, check out their website:

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